So who the heck are we? On the surface, we’re just your two typical, mid-west, American moms. Sure, we’ve got some pretty great credentials to back up our name too, but what really matters is this…

Amanda wants everyone to feel good in their own skin. She wants connect with others, no matter the path. For some, that might be on their journey of motherhood, for others, while building cherished business aspirations, and for some, that means inspiring them to live their life as they dream it. A nurse by title, Amanda takes her compassion and love for helping others outside the hospital walls. She seeks out mommas, wild-hearted women, budding entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to take control of their overall wellbeing and health. She finds her energy through helping others reclaim their own. Amanda is a wife; a mother; and an oncology certified, registered nurse. She is a sister, a daughter, and a mompreneur.

Amanda felt a burning in her soul to share health and wellness with others to keep them out of the hospital. Despite living in “The House of Chaos” as  mom of three boys, she feels God directed her here; to share her story and knowledge with you. HE took the fear of self-doubt and judgment, directing her to invest in herself and dreams;  She chooses to “walk by faith and not by sight.”

Kylie picks up the reigns of this adventure with the titles of wife, mom, math teacher, and coach. Although, you’ll have to start reading her blogs to find out who she really is. If she were write a book on this current season of life—and she just might—it would be called The Journey of 30: Accepting The Freedom to Thrive.As an over-achiever from a young age who always felt she had to do more, Kylie’s background in ministry has taught her that while God might always be calling her to do more, he loves her just for being, and in that understanding, a whole new world is opened. Kylie strives to be an example of love and optimism to all those she encounters. Her toddler is her best accountability partner. Avalene can often be heard saying,, “I’m going to be EVERYTHING I want to be.” Kylie sets the example and she hopes that by sharing her knowledge on how she is making her thirties the best years yet, you will be inspired to be everything you want to be too. In a world that is often associated with negativity, turmoil, and go-go-go, she wants you to know that you have value and a place in this world. She wants you to know that you don’t have to wait for joy. You do not have to wait for a husband, for your kids to grow up, or for your bank account to be filled to feel alive and thriving. You can choose joy right now.

Kylie and Amanda are sharing their lives and knowledge to provide value to others and to empower them to take control of their SOMEDAY.

The time to work on you, work on your goals, work on your dreams is right now. You don’t have to wait until someday. At Someday Wellness, your mind, body, and being are a priority. We believe that with faith, some self-care, and a little inspiration, you can be everything you’ve dreamed, and  still keeping all the other pieces of your life in tact.

If you are are tired of negativity, tired of self-doubt, or just plain tired, we are here for you! This blog is for you!  This page is for you! Someday Wellness is for women who want it all and are done with settling for less. Join us as we seek to find the God, and good, in each and every moment.

We give you permission to be nothing short of magnificent; inside and out, mind, body and being.

                                                                                                                               – A & K

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