Take Control because Life is Too Short

These past few weeks, I have been so very much out of my comfort zone. Has it been weeks? Are we into months now? I don’t even know anymore. It feels like the days have been toppling over one another, and yet, the season has still felt the same: stagnant. No going to birthday parties, […]

The Strength of Your Suffering

It’s February 3rd and I have to say, some of you have been killing it with those New Year’s resolutions. I’ve been following the Someday Wellness Facebook page along with the Someday is Now challenge; Amanda and Rebecca have been calling you out to get things done. For a lot of you, you’ve gone all […]

How Do You Do It? Part 4: Recognizing Joy

I walked the aisles of Target searching for the perfect gift for my nieces and nephews. I was still living in Iowa at the time and my family remained in Nebraska. Although I made it home fairly frequently, the interests and needs of the children in my life changed too quickly for me to keep up. I […]

How Do You Do It? Part 3 – Elimination Not Balance

“Distractions destroy dreams.” Of all the quotes in the world, this is the one sitting next to my computer at work. Friends, I am constantly distracted! I mean, this morning I couldn’t even get out of the house remotely on time because my phone was lost — had been since yesterday– and I couldn’t text […]

Foods That Boost Your Mental Wellness…

Want to boost your mood with food?Your gut and your emotions are a two-way street. They impact each other. When you address the state of your gut health, not just the food you eat but your daily nutrition, it has a huge impact on your mental wellness. That’s right eating the right foods can increase […]

How Do You Do It? Part 2: Find Your Sisters

How do you do it? As mothers, how do we manage the stress and anxiety of keeping our family dynamic running smoothly, all the while working a full time job (whether in the home or outside of it), maintaining self-care, helping out in the community, etc., etc., etc.?  Sisterhood. That’s right, centering oneself in a […]

How Do You Do It? Part 1: Trust Your Yes

As I’m writing this it’s  9:51pm on a Tuesday and I literally just got my children into bed. Okay, that sounds bad, especially if you know that I have an infant and a three-year-old. Let me rephrase . It’s 9:51pm on a Tuesday and I literally just put my children into their beds and got […]

Just another day… Mother’s Day

I can’t say I love this day more than any other regular day. I mean it was the usual..  I woke up as usual to a crying baby at 6:15. Cooked breakfast for the boys. Went to church and spent 75% of my time corralling kids. You bet, I’m the mom who is up and […]

I Am The Greatest In The WORLD

I was in middle school when I went to my first math competition. I know, I know, nerd alert, right? I couldn’t help but enjoy it. It wasn’t so much that I loved the math, but I felt accomplished in being chosen to attend and I enjoyed the challenges that came forth. I distinctly remember […]

Your First… My Last

How do I even put into words my feelings… all of your firsts will be my last. Knowing you will most likely, unless some kind of miracle happens, will be my last baby. The last time I will give life to another human being.  No more hearing the heart beat for the first time. No more wondering […]

Have Yourself Some PIES

Pie. Can we just take a minute to thank God for the goodness of pie? I mean, I know it’s not the holidays and we aren’t at the state fair, but if you’ve had the chance to indulge in some really good pie lately, I have to say, I am jealous! March is the month […]

Toddler Time: Listen and Learn

Wisdom comes with age, right?  At least that’s what I remember hearing growing up. You grow older and wiser. Yet, in spite of the tantrums, it seems like my children and nieces and nephews are often full of more wisdom than I seem to possess at the age of thirty. The ease that children have […]

You’re Not Special

It’s a vivid memory. The day Fr. Pat told me “You’re not special.” When he said it, I was taken by surprise. I was one of those lucky kids growing up. One who was constantly told just how “special” I was. I was called a lot of positive things: gifted, talented, smart, beautiful, and the […]

Three Quick Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged

 Are you letting your content go to waste?Ever play Pac-Man as a kid? I sure did! You know, the yellow blob that eats every li’l niblet in sight, all while avoiding those pesky ghosts? It’s a cornerstone of ’80s pop culture, and also an apt metaphor for the hostile landscape marketers have to deal with when it […]

Get Off That Diet Hamster Wheel!

I feel like we’ve all been there… It’s time to go to the doctor and guess what?! The nurse says “I need to check your weight.” The dreaded scale, Ugh! I’ve been on both ends… fearing the scale, picking a number in my head and praying the results are not more. I’ve also been the […]

What’s Wrong With Network Marketing

This is a controversial topic. Certain leaders don’t want to bring attention to the things that are blatantly wrong with the network marketing industry…but from my perspective, these issues MUST be addressed and corrected. So I’m just going to spell it out. And, being frank, I have a different take on the industry than the “orthodox,” old-school leaders. Now, I’m not saying that I’m right and everyone else is wrong (…you’ll have to […]

Top 5 Network Marketing Tips for Newbies

Top 5 Network Marketing Tips For NewbiesWhether you are new to network marketing or not these are five tips you just don’t want to miss! My friend and mentor, Julie Burke wrote this. It is just so Good, I HAD to share it because it is a MUST for us all. It is a must for […]

Don’t Want To Be “That Girl?”

Don’t want people labeling you as “that girl” as you work on your goals in network marketing? Dreams of financial freedom yet unsure what to do as your friends and family are labeling you as such? I remember the days when I’d be scrolling through my Facebook and think to myself “I wish these people would […]

What do all these FOOD cravings mean?!

Food Cravings…What do They Mean?…And more importantly, how do you OVERCOME them??We’ve all been there; I want something sweet, I want something salty, I want CHOCOLATE… It’s easy to fall victim to food cravings and it’s even easier to blame it on hormones or some other excuse. But, our cravings are actually our body yelling […]

10 Steps to Build a Rock-Solid Network Marketing Team

Growing an online business is HARD!Let me tell you after two years of being in network marketing I would have thought I would be making more money and have a larger team. I felt like I was moving so slow and everyone else was having success. However after talking with other network marketers I found […]