Just another day… Mother’s Day

I can’t say I love this day more than any other regular day.

I mean it was the usual..  I woke up as usual to a crying baby at 6:15. Cooked breakfast for the boys. Went to church and spent 75% of my time corralling kids. You bet, I’m the mom who is up and down, down and up with kids at church. Tried to get the kids haircuts, because you know I procrastinate, but when we pulled up to the salon it was closed for some reason.

Spent hours and hours with my sister, Ky, sorting and prepping for a garage sale. A garage sale sounds like a good idea but dang so much work! Someone better buy those clothes… so much clothes. Not to mention so many emotions seeing those tiny outfits and remembering moments of our kids wearing them.

All those hours interrupted every 20 seconds by our babies who want the boob, toddlers that want a snack, baby puke on the floor, mommy I’m hungry, mom I’m board, help me go to the bathroom, can’t we go to the park, I need a snack, mommy I peed my pants, mom he hit me, hey he took my, I am still hungry, wipe my butt… toys, toys, toys… oh look a pile of clothes I think I just want to knock them off the table, drag then around and mix them up.

So much fun!

Ending the afternoon with crying, tired, grumpy, hungry kinds who want dinner and need a bath.

I’m tired, Ky was tired and it is Mother’s Day. We should be pampered right?!

Maybe a little but we are blessed, we get shown love and appreciation daily. One should show love to their mother daily because we have learned first hand that you never known when your mom will be called home. You really shouldn’t need a special day once a year to tell your mom “thank you.”

Honestly, I chose to do all of this Mother’s Day. I chose to get up early, cook and clean. I chose to take the kids today, by myself…. and every day I chose to embrace the chaos.

You see many drown in it. I have my moments… it is easy to get overwhelmed in house work, family, and to do list. We eat our emotions, drink our sorrows, and escape reality. We let chaos often win.

Instead of fighting it embrace the crazy!

Learn from the man upstairs.. Jesus embraced the chaos. He took the broken and made new. He took the sick and made them well. He took sin and washed it away. He loves everyone and every thing… the chaos.

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

And that means the good, the bad, the sad, the happy, and the crazy. It all has a purpose and only God knows why.

To some my Mother’s Day wouldn’t have been a “happy” one but to me it was. Among all the chaos of 5 kids, totes and totes of clothes, toys and food every where… Ky and I laughed. We laughed and we remembered the woman who made us. The woman who we find ourselves becoming. The woman this day was made for..


Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow perfectly imperfect mommas! – A

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