When it comes to health and wellness, 

let's be real ...IT IS NOT EASY!

We are all different, heck even as sisters what works for one of us doesn't work for the other. Sometimes you have to just try something different, go outside your comfort zone and take a leap of faith.

We have learned so much along the way of finding wellness. We have experienced the negative self-talk, tears,stress, sleepless nights, weight that won't go away, lack of energy, bloat and days of feeling like we are just surviving.

Surviving is not Living!

Have you read Amanda's personal journey of finding wellness after pregnancy? If not, you can check it out here.

We want to give you resources for your own success story. We want you to take control of your SOMEDAY. 

Resources to our favorite products and success tools

If your looking to re-balance the microbiome and optimize gut-brain axis function for improved mood, reduced depression, lessened anxiety, and enhanced stress resilience. Overall support and improve your emotional well-being. 

Think about it, when you feel good you do good! Options for kids and adults.

If your looking for health solutions for weight loss, athletic performance, kids health, energy, sleep, healthy aging, vitality and well-being.

As we've said before, you have to find what works for you and for us it takes a combination of things found from out favorite shops above. It takes healing the gut to heal the mind and it takes a healthy mind to have a healthy body. 

It takes a healthy momma to create healthy family.

Speaking of moms; ours was pretty amazing. She made us who we are today. She inspired us to take control of our SOMEDAY. 

Renée, our mother, was a teacher, farm wife, and mother of four. She dedicated her life to helping children grow and develop intellectually and emotionally. At the age of 48 she unexpectedly passed away; we honor her memory in part by providing scholarships in her name to aide students with their education after high school.... helping others just as she always did.

It is though the kindness and support of others, that we are able to continue support those in financial need pursuing a secondary education. 

One way you can support our scholarship efforts is through the purchase of SOMEDAY "loot." Our mom use to say "loot." When you lose a loved one it is funny how some of the most random things remind you of them...

Shirts and Tumblers available for order



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